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Carlo IV, a Boscolo Luxury Hotel
A former bank, the Hotel Carlo IV has been meticulously renovated into one of Prague's top 5-star hotels. Located close to the old city in the heart of Prague, the Hotel Carlo IV is a 5 minute walk from the Namesti Republiky subway stop. For the conference the hotel is offering a special rate of €130 (a savings of more than 50% compared to the regular rate of €264) which includes city tax and a breakfast buffet. To reserve a hotel room please complete this form.

The beautiful city of Prague is rich in history and has a central location in the heart of Europe.

Prague is one of the cultural centers of Europe, with many artists performing both at the city's classical venues - and night clubs. The city also houses many enlightening institutions such as galleries, theatres, and museums, including Prague Castle, the largest ancient castle in the world.

Czech breweries are known to produce some of the world's finest beers - enjoyed as part of the city's vibrant nightlife scene. Don't miss the Czech Beer Festival, 14.5 - 30.5.2010.

For music lovers, there's the Prague Spring International Music Festival.

Time zone
The Czech Republic lies in the GMT +1 time zone, usually referred to as Central European Time (CET). The clocks are changed by one hour creating winter time and summer time (GTM + 2).

Geographically speaking, the Czech Republic is situated in a temperate zone, and there are four seasons of approximately all the same length. Winters are relatively mild (the average January temperature is -2 C, 28,4 F) and summers are not too hot (the average July temperature is 20 C, 68 F), so you can travel to the Czech Republic at any time without being too concerned about the weather.

Electricity AC in the Czech Republic is 230 volts. Neither current nor plug sizes are the same around the world. If you discover on arrival that an electrical device has a different plug to those used in this country, adapters are readily available.

Important telephone numbers
The most important emergency services have three-digit numbers which you should have with you at all times in case you should need them. These numbers can be called free of charge from mobiles even without a SIM card inserted.

Embassies and consulates
You can access assistance in difficult situations from your country's embassy. Embassies are always located in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, and a complete list can be found on the Ministry for Foreign Affairs website.

Arriving in the Czech Republic
The Czech Republic became a member of the EU in 2004. There are different rules for citizens of other EU member countries than for tourists from other parts of the world. Everyone must carry ID at all times.

Travel with animals
In order to travel to the Czech Republic with an animal, all conditions set in the country from which the animal is being brought must be fulfilled, and further Czech rules must also be adhered to.

Customs quotas and regulations
When bringing goods into the Czech Republic there are limits set on certain commodities. If a certain amount is exceeded, duty must be paid, and the importer is required to inform customs of the amount of the commodity he or she is bringing in to the country.

Public holidays
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays mean most banks and offices will be closed. Ordinary shops also close on Sundays and public holidays, while supermarkets and shopping centres often stay open. It's no problem on these days to visit a concert, exhibition, restaurant or bar.

Business hours
In small towns most shops are open Mon - Fri, from 8 or 9am until 6pm, and only in the morning on Saturdays. In big cities shops may stay open until 9pm. Only a few small shops have a lunch break, usually between 12 and 1pm.

The only official language in the Czech Republic is Czech, which is spoken by 96 % of the population. However, have no fear, as especially in larger cities you can make yourself understood in English relatively easily.

The international dialling code for the Czech Republic is +420 (or 00 420). When calling from abroad this must be dialled first, followed by the 9-digit number.

The Czech Republic enjoys good internet connections, so you will have few problems getting online. In recent years slow dial-up modems have been replaced by quicker broadband lines and Wi-Fi networks.

Postal services
Postal services are officially provided by the Czech Post Office. It has exclusive right to operate the service for post up to 50 g in weight. Should you need to send anything heavier, you can choose from tens of Czech and international couriers operating in the Czech Republic.

The official currency used in the Czech Republic is the Czech crown which has the international abbreviation CZK. The Czech Republic has been a member of the EU since May 1 2004, but will only enter the Euro Zone around 2010.

Tips aren't usually left by guests on the table. Should you wish to tip staff, add around 10% onto the bill or round it up. It's up to you what sum you tell the waiter you wish to pay when he brings the bill.

The Czech Republic has adopted a law limiting smoking. One of the main points is a ban on smoking in public places (on platforms, at stops, at the railway station, on public transport and in places of entertainment).

Private and state healthcare facilities operate in the Czech Republic. The majority of them have agreements with the State Health Insurance Company on the provision and payment of healthcare.

Health insurance
Since mid 2004 citizens from the individual EU member states, who travel temporarily to another EU member state and hold a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), are automatically insured.

Hotel Boscolo Carlo IV
Senovazne namesti 13
110 00 Prague 1
Phone +420.224.593.111
Fax +420.224.593.000
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